What are real people saying about The Elephant in the Marriage and the workshops, retreats, and conferences based upon Dr. Karampatsos’ research into perspectives and perceptions in marriage? If you would like to share how The Elephant in the Marriage has impacted your marriage let us know.

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Dr. Karampatsos has a passionate heart to see marriages thrive within God’s design. He challenged my wife and I to examine our perspectives in order to let go of eroding perceptions and work on strengthening communication. Few others have spoken life into our marriage as poignantly as Dr. Karampatsos.

Daryl Alston

Dr. Jason’s book allowed us to procure a more in-depth understanding of marriage from a godly perspective. It empowered us with practical, yet powerful tools that could easily be applied to our daily lives, which greatly strengthened the love, respect, and communication in our relationship with each other, as well as our spiritual growth with God. Dr. Jason has captured God’s original intent for what a marriage should look like and has articulated these lessons in a way that can be easily understood and applied by married couples in every stage of their marriage. Dr. Jason’s lessons illustrate that applying God’s principles for marriage and communication are the key ingredients to strengthening and sustaining any marriage. We highly recommend Dr. Jason’s book and the godly lessons that it presents to any married couple new or old.

Sandy and Corey Jones

Whether you are newly married or have been married for 35 years, this book is a must read. We refer to it as a “knife” in our marriage because it cut to the core of our problems and gave us practical solutions. We learned an elephant in your marriage may seem easily detectable, but is often the very thing we try to ignore. Our marriage wouldn’t be where it is without the tools in this book.

-Melissa and Ronnie Johnson

My wife and I attended the six week session of Marriage 101 taught by Dr. Jason Karampatsos and his wife, Jennifer. The material covered every aspect of marriage, allowing us to leave having identified strength and growth areas. Our takeaway for growth was that perception is your reality; we now communicate better so that our reality is not a misguided perception. The teaching by Dr. Jason also helped us recognize a strength in our marriage is that in most areas we are unified. This gives us encouragement and gratitude that a marriage based on Christian principles is not only attainable, but with love and prayer, it will withstand the attacks sure to come. Dr. Jason’s book will breathe life into a dying marriage and give a wakeup call to a stale one!

Craig Vance

Dr. Jason was truly a blessing for my wife and me.  He poured his heart and soul into listening to us and then providing us with practical, unbiased biblical principles to help heal–first as individuals, and then as a couple joined together as one.  He helped us both to take introspective looks at ourselves and to see things from a perspective other than our own.  We can’t thank him enough for his genuine, biblically inspired marriage ministry.

-Erik and Leah Johnson

My spouse and I attended two marriage courses led by Dr. Karampatsos and his wife, Jennifer, implementing many techniques offered in his book, The Elephant in the Marriage. The practical examples outlined in his book applied to class members from various learning styles, cultures, and experiences allowing everyone to relate and learn. Using examples outlined in his book, combined with years of pastoral, academic, and clinical counseling experience , Dr. Karampatsos was able to help class participants examine and understand the relationship between life experiences and expectations/perspectives, and identify healthier viewpoints/approaches that would strengthen their marriages. I highly recommend this book as it allowed my spouse and I to identify hidden areas of conflict, and it fostered a desire to go deeper in our relationship.

Wife, and mother of two

When Gilbert and I decided to take Pastor Jason’s Marriage 101 class, I anticipated specific takeaways. Most important, while I felt I could not have what he and his wife had, I wanted to be able to feel it through their interaction, which for me, would help authenticate what we would learn. When I sat in the class on the first night I observed them and it made me feel we made the right choice.

We especially enjoyed the discussions on communication as these helped us see where we were going wrong. I was excited to put into action what I was learning, and was ecstatic when my husband started incorporating what he learned when communicating. In addition, role playing different scenarios served as real eye openers and I had several “light bulb” moments.

This class was indeed pivotal to the positive turn in our marriage and we are fortunate it was offered when we really needed help. I would refer others to his class, and would definitely buy his book.

Jackielyn and Gilbert Guyah