Theoretical and Practical Help

The Elephant in the Marriage¬†offers married couples, from a Christian perspective, both theoretical and practical help to allow them to fulfill their goals for healthy relationships. Jason Karampatsos, Ph.D., has the insight to offer this help, based on his perspective as a licensed clinical professional counselor, ordained minister, husband and father. He draws on the wisdom of great thinkers ranging from Plato to Carl Rogers. ¬†Then he offers very practical suggestions to his readers so they may develop communication skills that help them understand how their “perspectives inform” their perceptions, and how their “perceptions are greater than reality.” This book is a “must read” for newlyweds as well as those who have been married for many decades.


-Anne Marie “Nancy” Wheeler, J.D.

Licensed Attorney, Risk Management Consultant for the ACA,

and Co-Author of The Counselor and the Law