4 More Years

Today is December 1st, and in our home that is a pretty significant day.

12 years ago today we welcome our 2nd child, Hailey into the world and the world has never been the same. Birthdays are a big deal in our home, which means we have lots of great December 1st memories. Times Square in NYC, Magnificent Mile in Chicago, the Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA, and so many more.

December 1st was also the day I defended my dissertation just down the street from where Hailey was born. Eight years ago today I became “Dr J” and God has used my PhD from Loyola University in some truly humbling ways.

December 1st was also my first day as lead pastor of New Life Assembly of God. Four years ago today our family began a new chapter as I walked into my office for the first time. It has been four years of relying upon God each and every day, and each day He has been faithful.

Yet, despite how significant December 1st has been, I am kind of excited about December 2nd. You see, in all of my years of ministry, or working anywhere for that matter, I have never  been at one place for more than four years. In high school I worked at Market Basket until my 4th anniversary, I then worked for Saturn until Jennifer and I went off to Bible College two years later. Four years at Valley Forge meant four years working for the college and at Sears. After one year at a church in Philadelphia, we had four amazing years in East Brunswick, NJ before heading off to graduate school. We served four years on staff in Annapolis, MD before being voted in as the new lead pastors in Brandywine, MD.

We loved everyday of our time serving in Brandywine, but yet God unexpectedly called us to Bowie where we spent two short but eternally impactful years at Cornerstone Church. And then, in December 1, 2015 I walked into my office for the first time at New Life.

Tomorrow, when I walk into my office, it will be the first time I have every walked into my office after serving there (or anywhere) for four years.

So, I am excited for December 2nd, but I am already looking forward to December 1, 2020. Lord willing, we’ll be serving this great church and community December 1, 2040 and beyond. Each year at this time as we sing happy birthday and watch our amazing daughter grow up, inside I am also saying happy anniversary…and here’s to many more.