Another June 3rd

June 3rd Wedding

Today I got to update my about page:

There have been many who have asked, drugs and even a few incorrect attempts at guessing what June3rd means, written about over the years. It was never meant to be a mystery or any secret code, but since you inquired I will set the record straight. June 3rd, 1995 was the day my best friend became my wife. When I was looking for a domain to purchase back in the late 90’s it seemed like a good idea to purchase a website domain that also had the built in benefit of a daily reminder of my anniversary. 20 years later I have never forgotten our anniversary, and now neither will you.

The original “June 3rd”, our wedding day in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

June 3rd Wedding
Our wedding day, June 3rd 1995, in front of Winnekenni Castle.

This is going to be a short post today, after all my wife and I have 20 years to celebrate!