New Room

No profound thought, deep insight, or thought provoking quote today, just something that struck me as we had dinner last night. In the 2 1/2 years that we have been in our home it was the very first meal that we have ever eaten in our dining room. In fact, up until this last weekend our dining room had been called our classroom.

welcome to mommy school
Welcome to Mommy School
Jennifer homeschools our three amazing children, and when we first visited the house that was to become our home we instantly knew that the formal dining room would make a great classroom. With its deep brown original hard wood floors and three eastward facing windows to let in the morning light, it just had a one-room school feel to it.

As we are now preparing for some exciting changes in the days ahead, we are also preparing our home to be put back onto the market. One of the great selling points for our house is the blue ribbon school district that it is located in, so naturally converting the classroom back into a dining room was a logical choice.

First Day of School (2013)
We have painted over the chalkboard that Jennifer painted on before the first day of school two years ago and took down the alphabet that had become a familiar background to all of the classroom activities. I gave the entire room a new coat of paint for the walls, ceiling, and trim, Jennifer rolled up the area rug and gave the hard wood flow a glow that was lost under chalk dust and little children’s feet.

The room now looks like a dining room no longer having the feel of a classroom. Logically, we moved our dining room table into this empty space to give the room some purpose. Last night our kids set the table and we sat down for our first ever dinner in our dining room.

It is amazing how some small changes can transform a room, even giving it a new name and new purpose all together. I suspect that there are many more areas in my life (and perhaps yours too) where God wants to make some small changes to transform or create something new. In the process He is preparing us for what He has in store for us in the days ahead, even as we are preparing our home for another families “days ahead”.

First Day of School (2014)
First Day of School (2014)
As grateful as I am for all of the days of learning in the one-room school we have called our classroom, and as excited as I am for the future that God is preparing us for, all I have today is today. So I’m going to go eat breakfast in our new dining room, head into the office and see what God has in store for me today…and what changes (big or small) may come from it.