58,272 names etched

My girls are growing up. My son is too, but there is something different about turning 7 (in just 3 weeks) or being 8 ½. At four years old Christian is all too innocent, unbelievably cute and adorable; his youth protects him from so much that you and I experience each and every day.


Hailey was just 4 when I captured this moment of curiosity while spending the day in our Nation’s Capital. Jennifer and I tried to make the connection between the Wall, each of the 58,272 names etched in massive reflective stone panels, and our children’s grandfather who served during the Vietnam War, but they were just too young to be able to genuinely grasp what it meant to be a Veteran.

My girls are growing up, and today they rarely walk past a soldier in uniform without proudly smiling, waving, or thanking them for their service. They may not be old enough to comprehend sacrifice, but they understand service. They are proud to call America their home, and they are proud of the many men and women they call friend, teacher, Aunt, Uncle, or Grandpa who have given so much to serve. As a father it a blessing that they have met so many of these Veterans in the halls of our church, where our girls have learned honor, integrity, service, sacrifice, and a love for the Lord go inseparably together.

Today, as a father, I thank our Veteran’s not only for their service to our country, but as Godly men and women who were the uniform and have served as role models for our children. Although we may only see our own reflection when we stand before the Memorial Wall, may it always be said of us that people only see Christ when they stand before us.





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