lifetime of miracles behind us

“Sometimes we are so busy complaining about what hasn’t happened, story ignoring the lifetime of miracles behind us.” –Steve Kramer (missionary)

It is always challenging to hear someone who the world would say has every reason to complain reminding you that you have every reason to be grateful. Steve was born a few months premature and with Cerebral Palsy, buy but anyone who spends any amount of time with him walks away encouraged and challenged. Encouraged, because Steve’s love, joy, and laughter are contagious. Challenged, because Steve’s unique perspective helps him to see the heart of God in a way that all too many take for granted.

Half-empty glass

Steve and I were talking before the service and he shared how Cerebral Palsy changes the way he looks at a church sanctuary. He is counting the steps on the platform, mentally measuring distances, and trying to anticipate obstacles before he encounters them. Steve also shared during his message about having missionary’s eyes and his passion to never lose the ability to see the world around him as a missionary. People are drowning every day, and they need someone to see that they are drowning and to run to their rescue.

Powerful words from a man who has never known what it is to run, but spends his life running to the rescue of others.







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