Shoot for the Moon

One of my personal favorite quotations from C.S. Lewis is, “Aim at Heaven and you will get Earth ‘thrown in’: aim at Earth and you will get neither.” I love this quote because there is so much packed into it, as it is true on so many levels from so many different perspectives. This is what I would like us to zero in on at this point: What you are aiming for matters. If we set our goals low, too low, we will never get off the ground. Set your goals ridiculously high, and you just might do some amazing things en route to your goal. With my apologies to C.S. Lewis, I have often paraphrased his quote by saying, “Shoot for the moon; that way you will at least clear the fence.”

Shoot for the Moon
Shoot for the Moon

Some progress is better than no progress. Staying still and stuck where you have been does not help anyone in the relationship. If you are reading this and your marriage has been “stuck” the way it is for too long, may I invite you to consider shooting for the moon? Consider setting your sights high. You may not believe today that your marriage will ever be considered a great marriage, and you may believe that your marriage is as good as it will ever be. I would l like to invite you to challenge those perceptions. I would like to invite you to entertain with me, even if for just a moment, that God is able to do something amazing in your marriage. If God could part the Red Sea, provide water from a rock, raise Lazarus from the dead, or feed 5,000 with five loaves and two fish, then imagine what God could do in your marriage if you shoot for the moon.





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